About Cheating to Get Your #fanmiles


Cheating is not cool! Fanmiles is built to reward truly loyal fans. We do know that some users might try to ruin this concept by trying to cheat their way up the ladder by collecting #fanmiles via bots, scripts, multiple accounts or any other selfish way to trick the system and get #fanmiles that they don't deserve. 

To all of your cheaters: Save your time! Even if you do get your hands on some valuable #fanmiles, we will simply close your account upon redeeming a reward. Our Fraud team is working day and night to separate legitimate accounts from accounts with illegal or irregular #fanmiles transactions. So don't get too excited about cheating the system, you simply will not be able to redeem rewards!

We like to do things right and with integrity so instead, we are happy to reward you with up to +10.000 #fanmiles, if you report a security loophole to our development team. This way, you avoid wasting time, you get legitimate #fanmiles and also help us to improve the experience for your fellow fans. Simply use the contribution form below to report a security issue. Make sure to include your username or e-mail address you used for the Fanmiles registration, so we can check the issue first-hand. Thanks!


We hope to convince you that cheating Fanmiles simply means cheating the fan community, as obviously the more cheaters we have, the more security measures we will implement. Keep it real, keep it honest!