What are #Fanmiles?

This is our loyalty currency. You collect #Fanmiles and use them to redeem various rewards from your favorite brands. 

You can identify #Fanmiles with the following icon:

How can I recognize an opportunity to collect #Fanmiles?

In order to collect #Fanmiles, look for the green number (as seen in the image below). This number tells you how many #Fanmiles you can collect with that particular transaction. Click the green "collect" button in order to collect your #Fanmiles.

How can I collect #Fanmiles?

There are many different ways to collect #Fanmiles. Here are all of the ways to do so:

  • Fanmiles ID: Show your Fanmiles ID or type in the number in a field provided to collect #fanmiles from participating partners.
  • Shopping: You can collect #Fanmiles at many different online shops. Place your order on the website or app and your #Fanmiles will automatically be credited to your account.
  • Enter Codes: You can find Fanmiles codes in newsletters and on cards from various partners. They consist of numbers and letters that you can enter with your Fanmiles Wallet.
  • Scanning Codes: You can scan QR codes or barcodes with your Fanmiles Wallet, in order to collect #Fanmiles.
  • Check In: You can check in from anywhere in the world, at a variety of venues and locations, from your Fanmiles Wallet.
  • Game Predictions: Collect #Fanmiles by predicting game outcomes. You can find these offers through sports and gaming partners. An overview of all our active predictors can be found here.
  • Links: You can collect #Fanmiles by clicking on newsletter links or partner website urls.
  • Instant: Collect #Fanmiles instantly by watching a trailer or tuning into a live stream, for example.
  • Daily Earns: Collect #Fanmiles daily. Check out Daily Earns here.
  • Read an article or watch a video: Read an article or watch a video on sport1.de and click the black fanmiles button at the end of the article to collect instantly.

I have ideas for new ways to collect #Fanmiles.

We're constantly working on developing and updating features for our app. If you have any innovative ideas for how to collect #Fanmiles, feel free to contact us via facebook, support chat or email. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Do #Fanmiles expire?

They will not expire and therefore you can use them when and how you’d like. 

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