How do I receive my #fanmiles after I purchase something from the online shop of a partner?

Once the partner confirms the purchase, the allotted #fanmiles will automatically be credited to your Fanmiles Account. If you are unsure about your purchase, do not hesitate to contact Fan Support.




How does the #DailyDrop work?

#DailyDrop is a daily occurrence of specially priced rewards in limited quantity. Every day is a surprise of what will be dropped and when, so make sure you check back often!

How do I get my reward?

You will receive your reward by post. If you do not receive your reward within 2 weeks, please contact Fan Support.




Sport 1

How can I earn #fanmiles with Sport1?

You can collect #fanmiles by clicking the Fanmiles earn button after every read article and watched video on Sport1.

How can I use my #fanmiles with Sport1?

You can find all Sport1 reward offers by going to their Fanmiles page. There you will be able to win games, collect merchandise bonuses and more.

I didn’t receive my redemption bonus. Now what?

Please contact Fanmiles Support so that we can check the status of your order. Your bonus should be received no later than 10 days after your order has been made.




How will I get notified if my prediction is correct?

You will be notified within 4 days if you make a correct prediction. No notification will be sent for a prediction that is incorrect.

How will I collect my #fanmiles from a correctly made prediction?

The #fanmiles will automatically be credited to your Fanmiles Account within 4 days of the final outcome.



Fanmiles with ESL

What is ESL Rewards?

ESL Rewards is the official ESL loyalty program. Now you can earn #fanmiles every time you engage in your favorite ESL activities and can use #fanmiles to redeem exclusive ESL rewards.

What is the benefit of joining ESL Rewards?

You can now be rewarded for what you already do, by collecting #fanmiles with a variety of ESL activities. You can then use these #fanmiles to redeem exclusive ESL rewards that you would otherwise have to pay for or not even have access to in the first place. So, what are you waiting for?!

Does it cost me anything to participate?

No, ESL Rewards & Fanmiles are completely free!

How do I register?

You must first have an ESL account in order to register. Once this is taken care of, you must sign up for a Fanmiles account on From here, you will be able to start earning #fanmiles on all ESL activities, as well as being able to redeem your favorite ESL rewards.

I don’t have enough #fanmiles to redeem any ESL rewards. How do I use them?

Rewards come at varying price points. If you don’t yet have enough to redeem anything, you can find all the ways to earn more #fanmiles through ESL Rewards, here.

How do I earn with ESL Rewards?

You can find all of the ways to earn here.

What is a predictor earn and how do I get #fanmiles with it?

A predictor earn means you can place your guess for the upcoming match. You will get #fanmiles for predicting, as well as more #fanmiles if you predict correctly. Find predictor earns here.

What is a video earn and how do I get #fanmiles with it?

A video earn means you can earn #fanmiles by watching a designated ESL video or livestream. You can find video earn offers here.

From which ESL Partners can I earn #fanmiles?

You can find the full list of ESL partners from whom you can earn here.

Do I have to qualify for ESL Rewards or game a lot in order to earn?

Anyone can earn and redeem with ESL Rewards! Of course, the more active and engaged you are with a variety of ESL activities, the more #fanmiles you will earn, however there are a variety of ways you can earn, so you don’t only have to be an active gamer in order to get rewarded! See all the ways you can earn here.

Will my Fanmiles account and ESL account be merged?

For now, you will have two separate accounts. We are currently, however, we are working on a feature that will merge your accounts.

Do I need a Fanmiles account to use ESL Rewards, in addition to an ESL account?

Yes. Please see “How do I register?”

Do you ship internationally?


What is your return policy if I am not satisfied with my reward?

Unfortunately for coupons, we cannot offer any return options, however for merchandise and other reward offers, you can find out return policy printed at the bottom of your redemption confirmation email and here:




IOS/Android App

Which app versions are there?

There is an Android and an iOS version.

On which version can the iOS app be used?

The iOS app can be used on version 1.2.0.

On which version can the Android app be used?

The Android app can be used on version 4.4.

Which features can I use on the iOS app?

The iOS app includes most earn and reward features, as well as TV & Radio recognition feature and check in, so that you can check in and earn at your favorite venues worldwide.

Which features can I use on the Android app?

With the Android app, you can use TV & Radio recognition as well as the check in feature. Brand new is that you also can earn and reedem #fanmiles. The Android app is still in development and therefore you cannot yet find the same features as you would on the iOS app, however this is due to change very soon!

In which countries can I download the Fanmiles app?

The iOS app is available for download in the following countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Android app is available for download only in Germany. Both versions of the app are planned to be offered for download in many more countries very soon.



Fanmiles for XTiP

How do I receive my #fanmiles after I have registered for XTiP and deposited at least 50€?

Once you have registered for XTiP through and depositing at least 50€, you will receive an email confirmation from XTiP support. In case you do not receive this email, please check your email spam folder. The email contains a link that leads you to a #fanmiles voucher code which you can redeem here: XTiP-Codeeingabe

In the case that you do not receive an email within 5 business days, please contact fan support with the username or email address you used on the XTiP page. We will then be sure to investigate the issue with the XTiP team.



CineStar: Redeeming and conditions

Where can I redeem the movie ticket vouchers?

Lübeck Filmhaus, Lübeck Stadthalle, Oberhausen, Bremen, Bonn, Osnabrück, Villingen Schwenningen, Düsseldorf, Kassel, Dortmund, Saarbrücken, Ingolstadt, Frankfurt Oder, Wildau, Berlin Cubix, Berlin Kulturbrauerei, Berlin Treptow, Berlin Sony Center, Berlin Tegel, Berlin-Hellersdorf, Frankfurt-Metropolis, Frankfurt CS, Leipzig, Mainz CS, Mainz Residenz, Magdeburg, Chemnitz, Fulda, Garbsen, Siegen, Bamberg, Hagen, Bielefeld, Ludwigshafen, Jena, Gütersloh, Stade, Erfurt, Erlangen, Emden, Rostock CS, Rostock Capitol, Wismar, Neubrandenburg, Greifswald, Stralsund, Wolfenbüttel, Weimar, Crimmitschau, Konstanz, Konstanz Scala, Waren (Müritz)

Which conditions are there for redeeming?

Your ticket voucher grants free access to a 2D movie of your choice from the movies listed at the theatre at the time of redemption.

The 2D vouchers are valid for all seating categories. They are not valid for sold out screenings, special screenings like film nights or festivals, 3D screenings, concerts or readings.


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Technical Requirements

Is there a specific browser that is optimal for enjoying is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Windows) and Safari (Mac).

If I want to learn about new offerings and releases, how do I stay in the loop with Fanmiles?

There are several ways to stay in the loop and learn about the many exciting developments at Fanmiles. You can sign up for our newsletter upon signing up or if you accidentally didn’t check the box, you can also simply write in to Fan Support and request being added to our newsletter. We are also very active on Social Media and will be sharing the buzz on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Follow us, tweet at us, share with us!

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Fanmiles Rewards

How do I redeem my reward?

Upon choosing to redeem your reward, you will be asked for your shipping address. Once you fill this out, your reward is on its way!

Can I cancel my order after successfully completing the “redeem” process?

There is generally no right to withdraw. Since #fanmiles can neither be bought nor exchanged for money, they are not considered a form of payment in accordance to the law. This regulation however is only applicable in accordance with Section 312 of the German Civil Code (BGB) if it is a paid service.

The satisfaction of our fans is of utmost importance to us and therefore we offer the possibility to return some merchandise rewards (generally excluded are tickets, coupons and profit sharing). If you want to cancel your order, please contact Fan Support as soon as possible.

I haven’t received my order and it has been over a week, what should I do?

If you still have not received your order after 5 business days , please write in to  Fan Support and we will help you sort out any fulfillment process issue.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship the rewards all over the world. 

What is your return policy?

All return questions and concerns are reviewed by our Fan Support team on a case by case basis. Please write in to Fan Support and we will gladly review your request.

How & when will I know that you received my return?

Our Fan Support will send an email to the corresponding name on the package if it exists in our user database, otherwise please write in to Fan Support to learn about your return status.

How long will it take to receive my reward?

Normally a reward should get to you within 14 days. If you have not received your order by then, please contact Fan Support.

What can I do if my desired reward is no longer available?

Leave a short message through our contact form, informing the Fan Support team about the reward. We will do our best to bring the reward back.

What else can I redeem with my #fanmiles?

Fanmiles offers a variety of brands, each with a variety of different reward offers. The beauty of Fanmiles is that you can earn with one brand and get a reward from another. You can search for brand specific or genre specific rewards here.


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Fanmiles Earns

What are #fanmiles and how do I earn them? 

#fanmiles is the currency used for all of your earn and reward transactions. Earn #fanmiles by engaging in the activities you love, with the brands you are most loyal to. You can find earn offers by searching for your brand of choice in the search bar here. Think of #fanmiles like money, the more you have, the more rewards you can afford to get!

What can I redeem with #fanmiles?

You can redeem a variety of rewards from a variety of different brands, all from one account. By searching for your brand of choice here, you are able to find all associated rewards.

What is required to earn #fanmiles through online purchases with an official Fanmiles Partner?

To earn #fanmiles with official partners through online purchases, you must enter the online shop on by clicking the “earn” link. You will then be directed to the partner page for shopping. Upon completion of the purchase, you will receive a notification that the #fanmiles will be added to your balance within 3 working days. We ask that you do not interrupt the session or clear your cache or cookies throughout the checkout process, however if you do decide to purchase at a later time,  simply log back into your Fanmiles Account and click on the earn option again.  

Will my #fanmiles ever expire?

Your #fanmiles will never expire, as long as your account remains active. To keep your account active, you simply need to continue earning #fanmiles. Each time you earn or redeem a reward, you are ensured another 36 months of activation. 

Can I transfer my #fanmiles to another Fanmiles user?

Every #fanmile that is earned is connected to an associated user account and therefore cannot be transferred to another user. You can, however, redeem rewards and gift them to loved ones. We wholeheartedly support sharing fan love!

What is the difference between a red and green button?

The red button is used when you redeem a reward, while the green button is used when you earn #fanmiles.

How do I get #fanmiles from a promo code?

To earn #fanmiles with a digitally generated or printed code, simply enter the code into the “Earn” field and click “Redeem." If your code is unique and has not yet been used, your #fanmiles will automatically get added to your account balance.

Please note: codes can only be used once and must be valid given the terms of each offer. If you believe you have a valid code that has not yet been used and yet are not able to redeem your designated #fanmiles, please write into Fan Support and we will gladly check the code for you.  

How do I get #fanmiles after I have made an accurate match prediction?

The #fanmiles will automatically be added to your account balance within 2 to 3 business days after the match.