What are #fanmiles and how do I earn them? 

#fanmiles is the currency used for all of your earn and reward transactions. Earn #fanmiles by engaging in the activities you love, with the brands you are most loyal to. You can find earn offers by searching for your brand of choice in the search bar here. Think of #fanmiles like money, the more you have, the more rewards you can afford to get!

What can I redeem with #fanmiles?

You can redeem a variety of rewards from a variety of different brands, all from one account. By searching for your brand of choice here, you are able to find all associated rewards.

What is required to earn #fanmiles through online purchases with an official Fanmiles Partner?

To earn #fanmiles with official partners through online purchases, you must enter the online shop on fanmiles.com by clicking the “earn” link. You will then be directed to the partner page for shopping. Upon completion of the purchase, you will receive a notification that the #fanmiles will be added to your balance within 3 working days. We ask that you do not interrupt the session or clear your cache or cookies throughout the checkout process, however if you do decide to purchase at a later time,  simply log back into your Fanmiles Account and click on the earn option again.  

Will my #fanmiles ever expire?

Your #fanmiles will never expire, as long as your account remains active. To keep your account active, you simply need to continue earning #fanmiles. Each time you earn or redeem a reward, you are ensured another 36 months of activation. 

Can I transfer my #fanmiles to another Fanmiles user?

Every #fanmile that is earned is connected to an associated user account and therefore cannot be transferred to another user. You can, however, redeem rewards and gift them to loved ones. We wholeheartedly support sharing fan love!

What is the difference between a red and green button?

The red button is used when you redeem a reward, while the green button is used when you earn #fanmiles.

How do I get #fanmiles from a promo code?

To earn #fanmiles with a digitally generated or printed code, simply enter the code into the “Earn” field and click “Redeem." If your code is unique and has not yet been used, your #fanmiles will automatically get added to your account balance.

Please note: codes can only be used once and must be valid given the terms of each offer. If you believe you have a valid code that has not yet been used and yet are not able to redeem your designated #fanmiles, please write into Fan Support and we will gladly check the code for you.  

How do I get #fanmiles after I have made an accurate match prediction?

The #fanmiles will automatically be added to your account balance within 2 to 3 business days after the match.