What is ESL Rewards?

ESL Rewards is the official ESL loyalty program. Now you can earn #fanmiles every time you engage in your favorite ESL activities and can use #fanmiles to redeem exclusive ESL rewards.

What is the benefit of joining ESL Rewards?

You can now be rewarded for what you already do, by collecting #fanmiles with a variety of ESL activities. You can then use these #fanmiles to redeem exclusive ESL rewards that you would otherwise have to pay for or not even have access to in the first place. So, what are you waiting for?!

Does it cost me anything to participate?

No, ESL Rewards & Fanmiles are completely free!

How do I register?

You must first have an ESL account in order to register. Once this is taken care of, you must sign up for a Fanmiles account on www.fanmiles.com. From here, you will be able to start earning #fanmiles on all ESL activities, as well as being able to redeem your favorite ESL rewards.

I don’t have enough #fanmiles to redeem any ESL rewards. How do I use them?

Rewards come at varying price points. If you don’t yet have enough to redeem anything, you can find all the ways to earn more #fanmiles through ESL Rewards, here.

How do I earn with ESL Rewards?

You can find all of the ways to earn here.

What is a predictor earn and how do I get #fanmiles with it?

A predictor earn means you can place your guess for the upcoming match. You will get #fanmiles for predicting, as well as more #fanmiles if you predict correctly. Find predictor earns here.

What is a video earn and how do I get #fanmiles with it?

A video earn means you can earn #fanmiles by watching a designated ESL video or livestream. You can find video earn offers here.

From which ESL Partners can I earn #fanmiles?

You can find the full list of ESL partners from whom you can earn here.

Do I have to qualify for ESL Rewards or game a lot in order to earn?

Anyone can earn and redeem with ESL Rewards! Of course, the more active and engaged you are with a variety of ESL activities, the more #fanmiles you will earn, however there are a variety of ways you can earn, so you don’t only have to be an active gamer in order to get rewarded! See all the ways you can earn here.

Will my Fanmiles account and ESL account be merged?

For now, you will have two separate accounts. We are currently, however, we are working on a feature that will merge your accounts.

Do I need a Fanmiles account to use ESL Rewards, in addition to an ESL account?

Yes. Please see “How do I register?”

Do you ship internationally?


What is your return policy if I am not satisfied with my reward?

Unfortunately for coupons, we cannot offer any return options, however for merchandise and other reward offers, you can find out return policy printed at the bottom of your redemption confirmation email and here: https://shop.eslgaming.com/pages/returns-policy