The Fanmiles app is available on both iOS and Android. We recommend to always download the most updated version of Fanmiles. You can also use the Fanmiles website.

Which version do I need to have in order to use the Fanmiles app?

For the iOS app you need version 7.1 and for Android, you need version 4.4.

Which features can I use on the app?

The app offers the same features that you can find on the website, however in addition you will also be able to use the app for:

  • Checking in at various locations & venues.

  • Scanning various codes.

  • Show your Fanmiles ID to collect Fanmiles with participating partners.

We're always working towards improvements and ways to collect Fanmiles by adding new features to the app.

In which countries is the app available?

We are happy to announce that the app is now available worldwide, for both iOS and Android users!

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