What is the Fanmiles Wallet?

The Fanmiles Wallet is your tool to connect with the loyalty programs of the brands you like, in order to collect and redeem Fanmiles, all in one place.

How do I get the Fanmiles Wallet?

Your Fanmiles Wallet is essentially your Fanmiles app. It is with you everywhere so that you can collect and redeem from anywhere. 

What kind of data do you need for my Account?

Every user needs to provide an Wallet Address. Some users have also an email address, or fancard numbers in their accounts.

Where can I find my account data in my Fanmiles Wallet?

You can find your Wallet Address on the startpage in the Web-Version and the Fanmiles App.

I want to change my email address.

Please contact our Support Chat or write us an email (support@fanmiles.com).

How do I know how many Fanmiles I have? 

If you are logged in to your account, you will be able to see the amount of Fanmiles you have by checking the top bar next to the Fanmiles icon.

I would like to see my account transactions.

An overview of your account transactions can only be found in the app.  We're working towards making it available on the website as well.

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