What is Fanmiles?

Fanmiles makes it easy for you to get rewarded for your loyalty to your favorite brands, on any platfrom or app, with the universal loyalty currency, Fanmiles. The best part? It is free to use! Sign up now to start collecting.

How do I collect Fanmiles?

You can collect Fanmiles with your Fanmiles Wallet. Simply download the iOS or Android app and start connecting to the programs and brands you like most. You are also able to collect with various partners offline and in store. In the section “Collect Fanmiles,” you will find all active offers and possibilities to collect.

How can I redeem my Fanmiles?

Your collected Fanmiles can be redeemed for rewards in the categories of sports, music, movies, TV, gaming and more, from any brand in our network. Our rewards catalogue is constantly updated. If the reward you are looking for isn’t available, let us know. For more details on how to redeem your Fanmiles, visit the section, “Redeem Fanmiles.

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